This mama is a doctoral student in Religion and lives with her two kids and spouse in cold central New York.

There is a lot I want to talk about: what it’s like to read/teach/research/write as a pregnant/lactating/mothering body, anxiety about staying competitive, anxiety about a future in academia for both myself and my family, etc. While there are outlets for discussions like these (mothering in the academy has carved its own niche in the mommy-blog tumult) I still feel that mothering in academia needs help to be made visible so today I took a picture of myself “working.” Thinking more and more about it I realized I wanted to see more pictures of mothers engaging the working/parenting/breathing dance.

If you would like to share in the photo collection send an image of yourself, along with a description of your work/dance, to readmamaread@gmail.com. The photo doesn’t have to be breastfeeding but could be any snapshot of the daily tasks we work in and around parenting (reading/writing/grading/performing/composing/teaching/researching/etc). It could be a picture of you reading at soccer practice, baby wearing at a conference, traveling with kiddos-in-tow, or just an image of you spending time together.

All persons who identify themselves as mothers (however you may define that being/role/body) are most eagerly welcome to share. Feel welcome to use your name or pseudonym.


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